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 Gym Application for 5th gym

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PostSubject: Gym Application for 5th gym   Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:26 pm

How long have you played on the server - Almost two days
Why would you like to become gym leader - The 5th gym is in need of another gym leader, and i want to be there just incase ByronScott cant make it, so more people can advance in their adventure.
Have you ever been banned from another server before - No, but my friend that uses this account, has gotten me banned.
Whats you IGN - CommanderQ
What gym would you like to try out for- 5th gym
How often are you online - 3-5 hours a day
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PostSubject: Re: Gym Application for 5th gym   Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:21 am

Approved! Welcome aboard!
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Gym Application for 5th gym
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