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 stolen alakazam

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PostSubject: stolen alakazam   Sat Feb 08, 2014 8:25 pm

I first got on the server earlier tonight and begin training with my first few pkmn and as I got on, two players greeted me and helped me out a little. One got off and two more got on as time went bye. I talked alot to one of the two original players, wesselispro. He seemed very nice and reliable so far, so I asked him if he would please trade back and forth my Kadabra to evolve it. He said "ok". We went to the trading room and he traded me a numel for kadabra. Then, for some odd reason he traded with another player who had been trolling around named AdmiralPooba. He gave my Alakazam to him for his Mudkip. wesselispro then acted as if nothing was wrong and I should've had my Alakazam, but really what happened was that him and AdmiralPooba had likely been on skype this entire time with this whole thing setup. They both denied having my Alakazam even though at one point, AdmiralPooba had sent out my Alakazam with the exact same lvl(23) the taunt me. AdmirablePooba constantly disagreed and I threatened screenshots each time. You can also tell that they were on skype the way that he didn't talk much, yet still seem to interact with wesselispro as if they were talking. Also note that a gym leader got on at one point and asked what is going on? I started telling the story and about halfway in he leaves the game. Please help me get my ALakazam back(and hopefully ban these players), here are plenty of screenshots if they successfully showup:
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stolen alakazam
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