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 PC Failure resulting in loss of pokemon

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PostSubject: PC Failure resulting in loss of pokemon   Sun Oct 20, 2013 1:19 pm

Hello, yesterday while I was on the server the PC started glitching which resulted in a loss of pokemon for me, I happen to take a screen shot of it before hand and would like to request the pokemon back if you can Very Happy 

I don't know if this image worked... I hope it did! The ones I am missing is the Charmeleon, Miltank, and Flaffy. Although there were some level differences as it happened about 8 hours later, and my charmeleon was 26, miltank 24, and flaffy 23, I dont mind if you just regive them to me as whats said in picture though. If needed I can show you what glitched as well.
Thanks if you reply quickly Smile
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PC Failure resulting in loss of pokemon
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