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 Sgtpork for 2nd or 8th gym

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PostSubject: Sgtpork for 2nd or 8th gym   Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:55 am

Dear Randomon people,

I have noticed that the second gym leaders or never on I think I aw shoink once for like 5 mins but pyroking is never on, the 8th gymleader has a spot open and I could be a fighting gym leader. For the second gym I would be dragon or the ghost/dark types I luv ghost types, Dragonite BADASS. I think I would be a good GL because I am on alot morning night afternoon I have been playing pokemon since red and blue (gen 1) I have every single game soon to have X and Y. Hope you like this Very Happy

If you would accept or not accept please contact me.


Sgtporkworth (IGN)

age 19

eastern hemisphere

New jersey USA

Fair man

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Sgtpork for 2nd or 8th gym
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