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 7th gym leader app fish_man234

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PostSubject: 7th gym leader app fish_man234   Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:58 am

IGN: fish_man234

How long have you played on the server: I played for a while a few months ago but decided to come on again and plan to come on alot longer

Why would you like to become a gym leader: I have played pixelmon for a while now and have had an interest of being a gym leader too. I have not being a gym leader yet so I think id rather be one on this server. I also like the idea of battling other people who have really simalar lvls instead of giant lvl differances.

Have you ever being banned from a server: I have not and hope to never experience this.

Which gym would you like to try out for: 7th

How often are you on a day: Probably for about 2 hours a time but i come on at random times throughout the day.

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7th gym leader app fish_man234
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