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 llacey15's 5th Gym Leader App

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PostSubject: llacey15's 5th Gym Leader App   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:34 am

Hi I'm llacey15 and this is my 5th Gym leader app!
Ign: llacey15

How long have you been on the server?: 3 days, but I'm having alot of fun and will stay for a long time!

Why do you want to be the 5th leader: This server is amazing and those are some amazing types, and bug is just underrated so I want to show people how strong it is! I've been playing pokemon in general since I was about 4-5 (XD Gales of Darkness) so I've had a lot of experienced with pokemon.

Why should I pick you?: I love pokemon so much and I will accept any challenger, and I will allow a few rematches until the hour wait because I don't want people to get too bored with the server. As I said before I know quite a bit about pokemon and will also help people out if they need it as long as it isn't mod/admin intensive.

How long are you on per day?: It depends, I have school until about 2:20 and then home work and stuff so I try to get on around 4-5 o'clock and until my eyes just can't take staring at the screen. On the weekends however, I usually play a little to much minecraft in general and this is really fun!

I have only been banned once and that was 2 years ago for not being over 13 years old.   -.-

I have 2 badges and hopefully by the end of today I will have my 3rd but I will keep striving to be the very best!

Thanks for reading!

-llacey15 Very Happy

If you don't normally do this, please reply saying if I have been accepted or denied as GL.
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PostSubject: Re: llacey15's 5th Gym Leader App   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:30 pm

Approved get your team ready you will be tested

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llacey15's 5th Gym Leader App
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