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 kyuzon's sadistic and non-stopping insults

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PostSubject: kyuzon's sadistic and non-stopping insults   Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:04 am

I'd like to report against kyuzon. Today I was jailed for going out of maps, and also muted. I don't mind that as I really made a mistake. But what was really ticking me off was kyuzon. He told Knight to tp him outside the jail cell. And he kept insulting me. I have screenshots for evidence. I'd like the admins and moderators to consider punishing him. I think he's currently under [3rdGymLeader] rank trial. I'd like his rank to be removed by the admins for punishment as he is too rude and I don't think he deserves it. He shouldn't look down on others and smear them just because they made an accidental mistake. I will post the screenshots on this topic. Oh yes, the screenshots are not just all the insults he said to me. There are many more.

 Sincerely, Keyblader_Ventus

Edit: After kyuzon read this post, this was what he sent me ._.

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kyuzon's sadistic and non-stopping insults
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