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 6th Gym Leader Application.

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PostSubject: 6th Gym Leader Application.   Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:39 pm

Hi my name is Dubbed and here's my App!

IGN- kyuzon

How long have you been on the server? - 4 Days, however I plan to stay for a long time

Why do you want to be the 3rd leader? - I love the server and I enjoy using those types in battle, I'm very experienced in Pokemon (and Pixelmon) so I think I would be a challenging opponent.

Why should I pick you? -  I love Pokemon with a passion and would never turn down a challenger. I was a gym leader on another server and NOBODY (Out of 30 members) could get my badge, even after 10 tries I would continue to challenge them, because not only do I enjoy it I hope they do too. I want all of the members on the server to have fun and make friends with their pixelmon so by allowing members to challenge me as long as they like I make sure of this.

How long are you on the server a day? - Depends, I've got school so around 3:45 GMT till a minimum of around 10:00, on weekends I'll be on until 11:00 depending on how tired I am.

I have been banned on one or two servers but only temp for minor reasons.

I have 3 badges as of now (It wont stay at this low amount for long I assure you!)

Dubbed over and out.  lol!
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6th Gym Leader Application.
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