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 Weman2s 6th gym leader Application

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PostSubject: Weman2s 6th gym leader Application   Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:15 am

Hey Death/knight/Bryan Or whoevers reading this. I would to apply for 6th Gym leader because i really like the types and i feel id be good at it. and i would love to take the place as bryans co gym leader

How long have you played on the server - about a month

Why would you like to become gym leader -I would love to become a gym leader because i see every other gym leader having a lot of fun. and i would love to be constantly challenged by gym battles. I love to be busy!

Have you ever been banned from another server before - Im not going to lie. yes of course i have, everyone has, anyone who says they havent is a liar

Whats your IGN - weman2002

What gym would you like to try out for - 6

How often are you online - I havent been on much recently. but im starting to come back on the server more often so i plan to play for 2-3 hours each day

I have donated to this server and i plan to donate more in the future. This is my favorite server out there all the staff and gym leaders are so friendly. Me Neorules1997 and tehmarco all came on the server thinking we were gonna stay on the same pace as eachother. That quickly changed when Neo got gymleader and then tehmarco got gymleader. So i thought i should apply. Thanks for Your time. I promise you i wont let you down! Also i applied for 3rd gym leader a couple weeks ago and i was denied being that i didnt beat knight (hes impossible omg)
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Weman2s 6th gym leader Application
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